naturally slim - redesigning mobile app experience.

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Naturally Slim is a common-sense digital counselling program with more than 220,000 participants that teaches participants simple skills to change when and how they eat, instead of what they eat. It also helps with building other health habits leading to increased physical activity, better sleep, less stress and feeling more in control over health long-term.

our challenge.

Over 1/3 of program participant use the mobile app and are more likely to watch more videos which is a primary driver of revenue. Still, the old version of the app experience had significant usability and quality issues, which lead to blocking potential money for the company because fewer users wanted to use the mobile app at the end.

The goal of the project was to identify problems and possible changes which would lead to improving overall experience and increasing retention and engagement metrics, while not creating a huge dev lift because the project was intended just for four months, counting development. We had to find as they say that "low hanging fruit".

what we did.

— Increased engagement in the video section by video-focused experience

— Improved retention of users using habit-forming, prompts and personalization

— Rethought logging meal process to increase user data investment and a better understanding of this main feature

— Improved usability and rethought architecture


Me — Product Designer

Garrett Godsey — Product Design Lead

Trent Cockerham — Product Manager


4 months to release the first version of new app.

05/2020 — 09/2020

my role.

— Competitive Analysis

— UX Research

— Usability Heuristics Review

— User Experience Design

— Visual Design

— Interaction Design

— Rapid Prototyping

— Design System

previous design.

new design.

— Main interaction screen - Homepage together with notifications and settings page, where you can get from the homepage

— Progress section screens. Weight, Meal Log, Pledges

— Learning section together with video player and program progress modal

— NSTown - communication platfrom for people in the NaturallySlim program. Screens - Feed, Post Detail, Search, New Post

— Mindful feating feature onboarding flow

— Main screens from the Mindful Eating feature

— Skill Check flow with a motivational pop-up after finishing the skill check

— Setting goal and logging weight flow

— App onboarding screens

Thank you for reading and going through the showcase! If you have any feedback, I'd definitely love to hear it!