AR/MR Previously on AR Glasses @ Meta Background in 2D design & growth Delivered designs to 10+ mil. users @ PlaybookXR, ZOE, and Avast.
Updated 3/2023

Selected XR Work / Playground

Meta Reality Labs — Internship — 2023

Designing a Core UX flow for AR Glasses, Project Nazare.

Avast Parental Control — Internship — 2019

Finding out how to balance children and parents needs in parental control app for one of the biggest antivirus companies in the world.

Naturally Slim — Freelance (Studio Godsey) — 2020

Redesigning a mobile app for a weight loss program with more than 220,000 paying participants.

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XTND — Freelance Project — 2020

Designing a website for a smart electric board, which pledged $346,000 on Kickstarter.

Fuzee — Freelance Project — 2019

Redesigning ultimate city routing planner app which combines all the modes of transport.

Zero Fasting — Freelance Project (Studio Godsey) — 2020

Increasing activation and retention metrics through onboarding redesign and integrations.

ZOE — Internship — 2021

Increasing acquisition rate through growth experiments on landing pages and acquisition quiz using user research, testing and prototyping. — Internship — 2021

Exploring, designing and prototyping new product features and working on growth experiments focused on acquisition and activation.

Undout — Freelance Project — 2020

Leading design of a mobile app for a healthy alarm, that helps people with building the right sleeping habits.

Avocode — Internship — 2020

Increasing activation and retention rate using growth hacking experiments.