Meta - Core UX for
AR Glasses, Project Nazare

— (Not My Work) Illustrative footage from Meta Connect 2021, Project Nazare.

I led the design of one of the core flows for the AR Glasses.
I focused on the art direction, flow, UX & prototyping in Unity. I collaborated on the project with several ICs, PMs, and engineers. I presented the project multiple times across the company, getting approval from the leadership and very positive feedback up to the VP level.


It was so nice to work with you Jakub! I'm honestly impressed by the work you've done, the attitude you've had, and the amount of proactivity. It is amazing that — in addition to your great work — you managed to get the PMs onboard with your work, ramp up a 3D Generalist, AND a sound designer. Seriously, this is a big time stuff that is well beyond what most interns can do. You are going to be an amazing leader.

Michael Ishigaki — Director of Product Design/Team Manager

Jakub tackled a challenging problem in AR Glasses and executed a super impressive end-to-end design solution, proactively leveraging design and prototyping tools to build a final experience that was clear, usable, and elegant. He proactively shared and communicated his work with the AR Glasses organization up to the director and VP level, providing valuable feedback to the AR Glasses organization along the way. He was a pleasure to work with and I'm stoked to see where he goes next!

Sean Kelly — Product Design Prototyper

Jakub's talent, passion and ambition are truly awe-inspiring. He is a high-level thinker and extremely self-motivated, which makes it a joy to collaborate with him.

Ben Huynh — 3D Designer

Jakub is a very talented designer. During his internship at Meta working on AR Glasses, he worked very proactively and collaboratively, and always pushed for better outcome, and it really brought the experience to the next level! He demonstrated his solid product thinking and communication skills, and learned our system quickly, and he always found ways to unblock himself independently. Overall, I am extremely impressed by the work he delivered during his internship!

Shengzhi Wu — Product Designer/Intern Manager

Observing Jakub's unquenchable thirst for knowledge from expert, his unwavering commitment to producing top-tier work without accepting mediocrity, and his proactive engagement in hands-on Unity prototyping has been truly inspiring during his internship at Meta. Jakub also demonstrated a remarkable degree of adaptability and openness, enabling him to seamlessly navigate complex, constantly evolving, and ambiguous AR design space.

Haejin Lee — Product Designer

Jakub did an excellent job at providing context efficiently for his project which helped me onboard quickly and provide feedback. Jakub also balanced well which feedback to integrate versus which to leave out. Jakub's project output was cohesive and represented great product thinking incorporating needs from multiple workstreams, and capitalizing on opportunities to improve what would be delivered to consumers.

Eduardo Ramirez Holguin — Product Designer

While we didn't collaborate directly, it was clear to me that Jakub brought both a user-centered mindset, a strong knack for problem-solving, and eye for craft to his work on the new user experience. The project needed to both introduce a first-in-genre product while also dealing with several interaction and display constraints, and Jakub crafted a elegant solutions resulting in a seamless experience. His communication and presentation of work are also top-notch. I hope I get the chance to work with him more in the future!

Aaron Faucher — Product Design Prototyper

Amazing work Jakub! Extremely proud of what you've achieved in such a short amount of time during your internship here at Meta and the way you executed and presented your final project was really fantastic! Excited to see what future holds for you :)

Michal Vasko — Staff Product Designer