seeking a full-time product design internship for Summer 2021.

From /06 (June) to /10 (October) ~3—4 months.



I'm a product designer born in the Czech Republic, now living in Los Angeles, and studying Interaction Design at ArtCenter College of Design.

Currently, I focus on AR/MR.

I have experience with Unity & C# but also explored many other platforms like SparkAR, Lens Studio (JavaScript), and SDKs such as Oculus Integration, Lightship ARDK, or XR Interaction Toolkit.

My overall goal is building my own project or leading projects. I want to inspire people and mainly I want to be happy.


4 years of experience.
3 startup weekends won.
actively volunteering.

— Avast Internship 2019
— Avocode Internship 2020
— Avocode Growth Internship 2020
— Avast Summer Internship 2019
— Startup Weekend Prague 2019
— Organising Team of Startup Wekeend Prague 2020

Recently, I worked on AR Glasses @ Meta.

I've delivered designs to over 10 million users through work at companies such as PlaybookXR, ZOE, and Avast. Additionally, I was freelancing for a US-based Studio Godsey.

As a freelancer, I've been involved in a number projects focusing on designing mobile apps, websites and product growth-oriented experiments for companies like Zero Fasting, Naturally Slim (Wondr), XTND, and Undout.

I've won 3 Startup Weekends and afterwards helped organise 2 Startup Weekends in Prague. Furthermore, I've created a project StartRemote, helping leaders maintain remote teams.

Your Gain

fresh perspective.
lighter workload of seniors.
wide skill set.
strong empathy with young.
team diversity.

— I'll bring your team fresh perspective and eager approach. I am not stuck in set processes. I believe I will be able to look at your product from a bit different position and question everything.

— I want to bring your team a strong empathy with younger people, brighten the culture and make the team more diverse.

— I can lighten workload of your senior people. I can be their right-hand, their support, help them with anything to allow them to thrive in their positions, to allow them to do what they do best.

— I have a wide range of skills. I can help you with every stage of design thinking. I have experience with researching, prototyping, user testing, A/B testing, visual design, webflow, and know a bit about coding, Blender, AR/VR design.

Internship Expectations

learn from others.
have a mentor.
part of a real team.

— I want to work with people who I'll be able to learn from. I believe that's the best way how to get better in anything.

— I'd like to be a part of a real team. I don't want to work as a stand-alone guy working on his own project. I want to see actual processes, deliver things, present ideas, get negative feedback, bring company real value.

— I'm excited about delivering work, and I am a pretty independent guy, able to design end-to-end, but I don't want to be perceived as a cheap employee. I want to have a mentor who will spend time with me and lead me on the way.

Testimonials, Mentions, Awards

hungry to learn.
feedback seeker.
active part of the community.

Jakub tackled a challenging problem in AR Glasses and executed a super impressive end-to-end design solution, proactively leveraging design and prototyping tools to build a final experience that was clear, usable, and elegant. He proactively shared and communicated his work with the AR Glasses organization up to the director and VP level, providing valuable feedback to the AR Glasses organization along the way. He was a pleasure to work with and I'm stoked to see where he goes next!

Sean Kelly — Product Design Prototyper at Meta

Jakub is a multi-talented designer with a wealth of enthusiasm and knowledge within the XR space. At Playbook, Jakub bolstered team culture and continuously looked for better and faster ways of doing things as a company. On his projects, Jakub was thorough and often surprised others with the variety of different solutions he designed. He was open and direct both when giving and receiving feedback. His design skills were heightened by his ability to learn new platforms quickly and implement proof of concepts that allowed his work to be tested by other team members. It was a pleasure having Jakub on the Playbook team.

Skylar Thomas — CTO at PlaybookXR

While working with me on a number of client projects, Jakub quickly proved himself capable of carrying the ball and doing big things, solidifying himself as good friend, reliable colleague, inspiring creative, and valuable teammate. His youth brings a fresh perspective and a ton of passion. He has the ability to deliver work under pressure and on time at a level competitive with any junior designer I’ve worked with, and many mid-level designers as well. Anyone who has already collaborated with him knows that he is far ahead of the curve, and with his passion to learn and experiment, his growth will continue to impress and inspire those around him.

Garrett Godsey — Founder of Studio Godsey (ex-Design Lead at Fitbit)

I was impressed with Jakub since the first day I met him. He joined the ZOE Design team and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s a well rounded product designer with a passion for his craft. During his internship with us, he worked on multiple projects for ZOE’s growth, from discovery to execution, achieving great impact. He’s a team player with a growth mindset that continuously drives him to seek feedback, to push himself and his work onwards and achieve the best results. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat!

Konstantinos Frantzis — Head of Design at ZOE (ex-Design Lead at IDEO)

Jakub Zegzulka is one of the reasons I wanted to join - he is an example of the amazing young talent out there. Being able to mentor and learn from the likes of Jakub has been such an incredible and rewarding experience.

Kathrin Hoffmann — Group Creative Director at Havas

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to work with Jakub at XTND. From product discovery, market research, and evaluating user testings, all the way to discussing and presenting his findings and ideas to the team - and the actual product design - Jakub was able to do it all extremely well and very quickly. He was able to look at the big picture and make arguments based on the need of the user, but also didn’t forget about the business needs of the company. He is able to give and receive feedback very well, and iterate extremely quickly based on new findings and feedback. I can confidently say that he’d be a valuable addition to any team or organisation.

Marek Pohlodek — Chief Product Officer at XTND

let's make it happen.