Clean The Room -Guided VR experience of cleaning a room.

A fun side-project built on assets from the Unity Asset store with Auto Hand physics and interaction system being the primary helper. The goal was to get more familiar with different interaction techniques for VR and with the Unity setup in general. I had to set up various properties of prefabs, colliders, rigid bodies, sockets, materials and correct behaviour of hand interactions with different objects. Moreover, I wanted to make an experience which will guide you through itself and will teach you all the possibilities on the way. For that, I've used text prompts which appear and disappear during the whole experience based on what objects you interact with. The end game for the user is to clean up the entire space.

Used assets from the Unity Assets Store:

Auto Hand - VR Physics Interaction

Auto Hand was the main asset I've used. It provided me with the whole hand and physics system and all scripts for different interactions and objects - breaking objects, grabbing them, sockets, lever behaviour and buttons.

Free: House Interior

Second primary asset. This asset contains most of the objects used in the interior and provided me with the whole house design. I've had to make some smaller changes to colliders and, of course, add all the properties of the objects, but without this asset, the project would take much much more time.

Used Golf Club-Free

Picture frames with photos

School Globe

Fantasy interior props free

Cutlery Silverware PBR

Realistic toaster

Food and Kitchen Props Pack