AR Runner Level Game - Built using Unity, C# and Lightship ARDK.

I've been learning Unity and C# for some time, and I wanted to combine the things I've learned together with AR. I've made this custom-coded AR game together with Lightship ARDK, which I've used for world tracking, setting up the camera behavior, and scene placement.

Used assets:

Lightship ARDK

For horizontal plane tracking, placement, and camera settings, I've used Lightship ARDK. Moreover, I've used their support discord to get some advice around interactions and scene placement. Lightship ARDK is an SDK that is constantly updated and doesn't have many tutorials on on the internet, so the discord was a great way how to get unstuck or get some advice from people with more experience with it.

Unity: Junior Programmer Pathway

For the 3D objects, I've used obstacles and character models from the Unity course.

Win sound effect, Lose sound effect, Game sound

For the sound effects, I've used sounds that I found on Youtube.

— Unity Game Scene

What could I spend more time on?

— Improve organization and code of the C# scripts I've coded

— More levels and level menu

— Onboarding tutorial experience, teaching users about the game logic

— Make game objects collide with the real world through world mesh collider

— Better experience of aligning the scene with the horizontal world plane: Use rather ray-cast hit cursor than click collider location

— Multiple lives

— Being able to switch between levels

— Improve obstacle and character colliders