AR Chess - Simple chess experience built on Oculus Integration SDK

I believe that the future lies in a combination of AR and body/hand tracking. That's why I decided to make a chess experience which is built on Oculus Integration SDK and uses both passthrough mode and hand tracking. I had to set up some of the grab types and the environment. Moreover, I've explored adding different sound effects, which made the whole experience much more immersive. I have found out that the Oculus hand tracking is not perfect yet, but it was fun!

Used assets:

Low Poly Chess Pack

3D model of board and chessmen. I have had to fix some of the colliders to make it work the right way.

Oculus Integration

Provided me with hand tracking, passthrough and grab interactions. I've connected different interactions to specific sound effects.

Central of Mass Script

Since I didn't use sockets for the different cells, I've used this script which ensured that the chessmen always landed on its bottom.

Chess Sound Effects

Background Soundtrack (Queen's Gambit: Beth's Story)

What could I spend more time on?

— Make sockets for all the cells

— Improved hand model behaviour and visual

— Collider destroy animation

— Specific hand grab poses for chessmen

— Multiplayer experience

— Optimised chessmen movement while grabbed

— Being able to move the whole board in the space

— Providing users with tips on where to move

— Overall game logic and UI