— LinkedIn Summit CZE

I am a 17 years old guy living in the Czech Republic with a passion for solving problems and making the world better. In my free time I play tennis, snowboard, read books or spend time with my fantastic family. My overall goal is building something big in the future. Now, I am gathering experience by helping other products.


My main focus is thinking about the whole experience in combination with growth. I connect user needs with business needs to build products, which solve real problems, but also make money and grow.


— Avast Summer Internship
— Avocode Growth Internship
— Avast Summer Internship

I have 5 years of experience with graphic design and 2 years of experience with product design.

In the past, I was a full-time intern at Avast and Avocode and also had an internship at a digital product agency called Mavvo.

I work currently as a freelancer, mainly helping early-stage startups.

Awards & Activites

— Startup Weekend Prague
— UX Travel Sprint

I am an active part of LinkedIn, design and startup community. I have won 3 Startup Weekends, was a speaker on LinkedIn Summit CZE and have participated in Design Sprint by design team. Moreover, I actively post on LinkedIn and Instagram about my stories from design, but also student life.