Hello, I’m Jakub Zegzulka.

17 y.o. product designer & startups enthusiast


I am a young guy living in the Czech Republic with a passion for solving problems and making the world better. I love learning new things, presenting on social media and motivating other people. In my free time, If I don't design, I play tennis, enjoy snowboarding, read books or spend time with my fantastic family.


My main focus is thinking about the whole experience while keeping user and business needs in mind and balanced.

In the future, I would like to focus more on the business side of a product, especially on growth and strategy.


Research & Analysis
User Testing
Design Thinking

User Experience
Product Strategy
Design Sprints
Material Design


In the past, I was the youngest full-time intern at Avast and have been on an internship at a digital product agency called Mavvo.

Currently, I am working as a Freelancer, mainly helping early-stage startups with user experience and strategy.


I am an active part of LinkedIn, design and startup community. I have won 3 Startup Weekends, was a speaker on LinkedIn Summit CZE and have participated in Design Sprint by Kiwi.com design team. Moreover, I actively post on LinkedIn and Instagram about my stories from design, but also student life.


Not to forget, I still attend a grammar school, and I am a member of the Interaction Design Foundation.